Spa Avatar


Spa Avatar is the first and only International Spa in Nepal of its kind in the Himalayan Kingdom. It is the Mecca for the rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit. Managed by experts, it is the address for your long-overdue indulgence and bliss. Here you can pamper yourself with massages and body and facial treatments each with its own theme andf eatures.

Spa Avatar offers treatments and packages, that range from aromatherapies with exotic Himalayan incense for the jetsetter executives to a combination of deepcleansing facials and massages for the ones just back from exhilarating trek from the Annapurnas and floral Jacuzzis that are simply designed to give a true feeling of Spiritual and Physical well-being.Spa Avatar is built and designed around a philosophy of being well, which results from a lifestyle of being at one with Mother Nature. International acclaimed Abacus Designs of Thailand has inspired the designs and layouts of Spa Avatar.

Spa Packages:

"Discover time-honored Ayurveda ( Traditional Himalayan system of healing) - revitalising programe at Spa Avatar."

We incorporate a holistic ancient approach, therapuetic methodology that encompasses non-invasive herbal scrub, herbal infusuion and Abhyanga (massage) therapies. A variety of therapy techniques are imployed following the consultation with our Ayurvedic doctors or Technicians. Certain body treatments when taken in combination can provide greater results than taken separately or individually. We have specially designed these packages for your best benefits and optimum spa experiences.Call or Visit Spa Avatar located near the Resort's entrance to book a reservation at your earliest convenience so that we may accommodate your schedules.

Spa Etiquette

Reservation for Spa Treatments:
Call or Visit Spa Avatar located near the Resort's entrance to book a reservation at your earliest convenience so that we may accommodate your schedules. We are open from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Arrival Time:
Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time for your Check-In and change.

Choosing Your Spa Menu:
Our Spa Manager or Receptionists will help you choose the perfect Spa Experience, including the best programs for your treatments.  

Spa Outfit:
Wear whatever is comfortable. We will provide you with a robe, slippers, towels and a safety box for your personal belongings.

Outfit during the treatment:
Most body treatments are enjoyed without clothing. However, wear what is comfortable to you.

Health Considerations:
Please notify our Spa Manager or Receptionists before booking your treatments if you have high blood pressure, allergies, other physical ailments or disabilities, or if you are pregnant. We recommend that no alcohol be consumed before, during or immediately after your Spa treatments.

Spa Feeling:
This is the time to delight in the experience to the fullest. Therefore, please tell us how you like it - Room Temperature, Pressure of Massage or the Volume of the Music.

Men's Facial:
It is very healthy for men to have facial. However, it's best to shave before your facial.

Steam-Shower Room:
Our specially designed steam shower room is ready for your refreshing shower or special aromatic steam. Our therapists will prepare the aromatic steam for you. For the best results, stay in for 15 minutes. Then take a cold shower to close your skin pores and wash away the sweat. Now, you are ready for the next treatment, or dress up for your day.

Essential Floral Jacuzzi:
Before, during or after your Spa Avatar packages, we will prepare the relaxing Essential Floral Jacuzzi to dip yourself in while you enjoy sipping our special tea. You will certainly feel that you are on the top of the world.

Late for Appointment:
Arriving late will simply limit your treatment, thus lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end on your appointed time so that the next guest is not delayed.

Cancellation Charges:
The treatments are reserved especially for you. Guest will be charged 50% for treatments not canceled for four hours advance.

For the in-house guest - you may charge your Spa service to your hotel bills. For outside guests, we accept major Foreign Currencies, Traveler's Cheques and Credit Cards. All price are subject to government tax.

Spa Avtar's basic facial and massages are:

Facials of Avatar is a combination of various unique facial treatments which are designed to pamper as well as enhance the beauty, texture and appearance of the skin.

A rejuvenating experience of lymphatic drainage, cleaning, hydrating, moisturizing, facial massage and mask - all designed to purify and promote beautiful and radiant skin.

Deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation, followed by a customized mask, will restore the luminous soft glow of healthy and natural skin.

FACIAL FOR MEN 50 Mins.      
This relaxing deep-pore cleansing facial features an anti-oxidant mask and anti-stress massage. Recommended for outdoor enthusiast sportsmen who spend time exposed to the elements.

A traditional Thai facial - using natural Thai spices and herbal mask and moisturizing with special herbs - is a beauty secret of ancient Royal Thai families.

This exotic facial is a very famous recipe of Himalayan herbs - a beauty secret to keep you look young and to promote the beauty of your skin.

Body Treatments

Experience relaxation, serenity and comfort from these beautifying body treatments.

This stimulating cleaning and anti-oxidant treatment exfoliates and removes dull surface skin cells, followed by aromatic body lotion rubdown to improve circulation and produce a softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.

This beautiful aromatic body rub, using natural Himalayan honey and sesame seeds, will leave the body feeling fresh and extremely vibrant.

MUD BODY MASQUE 80 Mins.       
In this re-mineralizing treatment, you are wrapped in warm, highly mineralized mud. The minerals are absorbed into your body while the heat helps soothe your sore muscle and joints.

This energizing treatment, using specially blended aromatic pure essential oils, is for re-energizing your body after strenuous trekking and mountain climbing.

To prepare you for these exotic treatments, we will lead you to the Aromatic Steam Room for 15 minutes.

Therapeutic Massages

Massage therapies have multi-level benefits. The first and foremost is the significant relief from stress the massage provides. In addition, it helps maintain flexibility, reduce the chance of injury, improves alertness and re-energizes the body and mind, and provides greater alertness and productivity. Our highly trained therapists offer a variety of techniques, including Aromatherapy, Thai and Nepalese Massages, Sport Massage and Reflexology.

This treatment uses a combination of massage oils specially blended from four different elements for your body to detoxity, heal and provides stress relief. This unique massage soothes the body, mind and spirit.

SPORT MASSAGE 50 Mins.      
This special deep-tissue massage is to relieve and prevent muscle soreness and ease tired joints resulting from exertion or intensive exercise.

This massage will be led through a series of techniques, which helps focus both body and mind, and introduces an overwhelming sense of balance and clarity.

This penetrating massage releases stress and tension from the neck and shoulders.

Pamper your tired feet in a soothing bath of essential oils, followed by a reflexology treatment to stimulate reflex points in the feet affecting internal organs, glands and specific areas of affliction.